These are the names of Famous Clowns. It is not be a good idea to use these names. Most of these clown names are protected by a copyright, so using them would cause you a few legal issues and make your lawyer rich

These are the most famous clown names, that we know of

Anton , Antonio , Antoschka, Avner the Eccentric, Bip, Blinko, Blinky, Bozo, Bud, Buster Keaton , Charlie Cairoli , Charlie Chalk, Chuchin, Clarabell, Coco, Coco, Emmett Kelly, Frosty, Grandma, Grock, Jack, Joey, Jyjou, Karandash, Koko, LaLaLa, Leanora Who, Lou , Mooky, Mr Stubs, Otto, Paul, Pepino, Pops, Remi , Ronald McDonald, Scoopy, Slava , Smoot, Sylvester , T.J. Tatters, Uncle Sam, Yuri, Zag, Zig,